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Galician Style Octopus / Pulpo a la Gallega

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, I love Spanish cuisine and seafood. And Galician Style Octopus is one of my favorites tapas. It is absolutely delicious and it is hard to believe how easy it is to prepare it.

As with most seafood dishes, its preparation is quite simple and most of the taste comes from the octopus and so its freshness is very important.

Once again, I have turned to Don Armando Scannone麓s books for guidance and not only did I learned how to cook the dish I also learned how to clean an Octopus! The very first time I ever cleaned an Octopus and I managed to do so following his advice! Thanks again Don Armando! Continue reading

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Quiche Lorraine

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

I love quiches and Quiche Lorraine is one of my favorites. Although it is part of French cuisine, my first encounter with this dish was in England and it was love at first sight.

In my opinion, it is incredibly versatile; I can have it anytime (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) and warm or cold. It is a party favorite too! Especially when prepared in smaller individual portions. Continue reading

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The First Foods / Las Primeras Comidas

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I have been taking care of my two-year-old twins full time since they were born; and of course, I cook their meals. This is both daunting and satisfying at the same time and I am sure all parents out there can easily relate to this 馃檪

Introducing solids can be terrifying, especially with your first born. Everyone wants the best for their children and the slightest hint of messing it up can keep you awake at night (as if you needed another reason!). Continue reading

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Venezuelan Shredded Beef / Carne Mechada Venezolana

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

This is a very popular and savory dish in Venezuela. Slowly cooked flank steak with amazing vegetables that will just melt in your mouth.

When served with boiled white rice, stewed black beans and fried plantains slices you get Venezuela麓s national dish, called 鈥淧abell贸n Criollo鈥. It is also used as a filling for arepas and empanadas.

Personally, I also have them with flour tortillas :); a Venezuelan taco you might say 馃槈

Once you have tasted it you will confirm how delicious and versatile this dish is, and you will be hooked! Continue reading


Super Bowl 50 Nom Noms / Delicias para el Super Bowl 50

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol聽

So, who麓s watching the Super Bowl 50?

Here are a few nom noms you can prepare beforehand and then just sit and enjoy the game. Recipes are up on my blog! Continue reading

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Delicious Stuffed Zucchini / Delicioso Calabac铆n Relleno

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

I have to confess that I discovered and learned to appreciate the zucchini as an adult. For some reason, it is not that common in Chinese cuisine and I don麓t remember trying it when growing up.

Luckily, at some point I tasted it and loved it. This time I will present you a great way of preparing them that is both, unbelievably easy and incredibly tasty! You can have them as a side dish or, as I usually do, have them as a main dish for dinner.

It麓s meatless and a nice and refreshing change from all the food that most of us enjoyed over the holidays! Continue reading

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Chicken Liver P芒t茅/ P芒t茅 de H铆gado de Pollo

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

Although I have always been a fan of chicken liver p芒t茅 (even as a kid), I do not recall the very first time I tried it.

I can麓t explain the reason, I just love the combination of strong flavors on toasted bread or crackers. And if you pair it with a nice wine, it will be hard for me to turn it down 馃槈

So, when I saw this recipe from Jamie Oliver, there was absolutely no doubt about what I was going to do with it. Continue reading



 Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

These scones are not just easy and quick to prepare, they are also crumbly and soft on the inside and taste heavenly with your favorite jam. An English treat at your fingertips. Ready for teatime?

Those who have followed me for a while may recall that I lived in England for a few years. During that time I learned to appreciate and take pleasure in its cuisine and I have to confess that I do miss it (nostalgic sight). Continue reading


Saut茅ed Shrimps / Langostinos Salteados

 Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

I confess that I absolutely love seafood and I do think that having grown up in a seaside town has a lot to do with it 馃檪

The freshness of the ingredients is exceptional and the prices are much lower. And you learn to appreciate all the different types and ways of preparing them.

Believe it or not, cooking seafood can be very easy. In my opinion, the tricky part is knowing how to evaluate its freshness and how to clean and prep it.

Today I will present you a very simple and quick way of preparing shrimps. Continue reading


Venezuelan Roast Pork Leg / Pernil de Cochino Horneado

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

This is one of the most popular roasts for the holidays in Venezuela; and it is served alongside the Hallaca, Venezuelan Ham Bread and Chicken Salad.

Coming from a Chinese background, I must admit that our holiday dinners involved quite a different menu: chicken, fish, vegetables, rice, soup, Chinese roast pork… Nonetheless, these four dishes have grown on me so deep, that I can only recall not having them in two occasions.

I was overseas in both of them and I did not know how to prepare them by myself from scratch. You see, I was a student with basic cooking skills to survive鈥 you know how it is鈥

I have already posted about the Venezuelan Ham Bread and Chicken Salad, now is the turn for the Roast Pork Leg. Continue reading


Chocolate Panettone / Panettone de Chocolate

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

Hi there! How is everyone doing? Ready for the holidays?

In my last post I gave you all the insights to prepare a very much loved Venezuelan dish for this time of the year: Venezuelan Ham Bread.

Today, I will offer you an internationally loved Italian dish for the holidays: Panettone. Continue reading


3 Cakes in 1! / 3 Tortas en 1!

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

Yes! You have read it right! Learn how to make this 1 recipe and you will be showcasing 3 different cakes! Not bad, right?

This recipe has been such an awesome finding. And of course, it is Betty Crocker麓s! Interested? Keep on reading to find out. Continue reading

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Scrumptious Steamed Grouper / Delicioso Mero al Vapor

Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

Some of you might be intrigued as to why I hadn麓t posted anything on Chinese cuisine before. After all, I do have a very deep Chinese background and it was my first close encounter with food and cooking.

Well, that is probably the reason. It is so close to my heart that the amount of details, anecdotes and memories just keep on spinning in my head. And I won麓t lie to you, I am having a hard time putting it down on black and white. Continue reading