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Corn Cake ‚Äď Venezuelan Style! / Torta de Jojotos

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Remember that delicious Pumpkin Cake I shared with you on a previous post? Well, here is another spectacular cake from Don Armando Scannone¬īs¬†red book ‚ÄúMi Cocina‚ÄĚ: Venezuelan Style Corn Cake.

It¬īs a gluten free cake made straight from corn kernels and it resembles the taste of cachapas. So you can easily have this cake for breakfast! Continue reading

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#TeaserPicTuesday Summary – December 2015 / Resumen de Avances de Diciembre 2015

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Hi there!

Here is a summary of the teasers I have been sharing in my other social media accounts in the last month.

See if you can guess the dish (before searching through my posts of course!) and let me know what you would have prepared with them. Continue reading


Venezuelan Roast Pork Leg / Pernil de Cochino Horneado

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This is one of the most popular roasts for the holidays in Venezuela; and it is served alongside the Hallaca, Venezuelan Ham Bread and Chicken Salad.

Coming from a Chinese background, I must admit that our holiday dinners involved quite a different menu: chicken, fish, vegetables, rice, soup, Chinese roast pork… Nonetheless, these four dishes have grown on me so deep, that I can only recall not having them in two occasions.

I was overseas in both of them and I did not know how to prepare them by myself from scratch. You see, I was a student with basic cooking skills to survive… you know how it is…

I have already posted about the Venezuelan Ham Bread and Chicken Salad, now is the turn for the Roast Pork Leg. Continue reading


#FollowFriday to Venezuela / Sigan a Venezuela

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I know, today is not Friday. I was meant to publish this post last Friday but was unable to for several reasons.

This is a very personal #FollowFriday. It is not a page. It is not a blog.

It is a country. My country. My home and my heartland: Venezuela. Continue reading


Venezuelan Ham Bread ‚Äď Pan de Jam√≥n

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December is here, which means that probably most of you are already planning for the holidays, including those big family dinners.

Well, being from Venezuela I had to bring you one of the most loved dishes for this season: ‚ÄúPan de Jam√≥n‚ÄĚ. It literally translates to Ham Bread, but I have called it Venezuelan Ham Bread. Continue reading

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#FollowFriday to Gastronom√≠a en Venezuela and Rosanna Di Turi / Sigan la p√°gina de Gastronom√≠a en Venezuela y a Rosanna Di Turi

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This page has been another amazing finding. Its name translates to ‚ÄúGastronomy in Venezuela‚ÄĚ and, as you might have guessed by now, it covers the whole gastronomy chain in Venezuela. From artisans and producers to restaurants, you name it! Continue reading

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#FollowFriday to Maestro Armando Scannone / Sigan la p√°gina del Maestro Armando Scannone

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Today¬īs #FollowFriday has been actually long overdue. Those who have been following me for a while, know by now what a huge fan I am of Maestro Armando Scannone¬īs work. He is 93 years old now and still so very active! Continue reading

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#FollowFriday to “La Cocina del Libro Rojo”

Hi guys! It¬īs Friday!!

Today¬īs #FollowFriday has a special place in my heart for many reasons. For those who have read some of my posts, you know that I am a huge fan of Don Armando Scannone and his red cookbook “Mi Cocina a la Manera de Caracas”.

Don Armando (for his Facebook fan page click here) has my highest respects for all his work to produce two books – there is a blue cookbook too, filled with over 1,000 recipes that venezuelans dream about. Continue reading


Pumpkin Cake ‚Äď Venezuelan Style! / Torta de Auyama

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We all know pumpkin pie is the sweetheart of fall. But I am sure most of you will be willing to sneak a peek into something different, right? Well, I turned to one of my favorite red cookbooks for advice on this. And yes, Don Armando Scannone¬īs red book ‚ÄúMi Cocina‚ÄĚ got an amazing proposal!

It is a pumpkin cake that includes two pretty distinguishable local ingredients from Venezuela: queso blanco duro and papelón. Continue reading


Wholesome Pumpkin Soup / Sana y Saludable Crema de Auyama

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Anyone up for an earthy, heartwarming, wholesome soup? Keep reading because you will love this one. And I promise, it is so simple, easy and tasty that you will start making this beauty on a weekly basis! Continue reading


Chicken Salad / Ensalada de Gallina – Don Armando Scannone

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One of the all time greatest cooking books in Venezuela is without a shadow of a doubt ‚ÄúMi Cocina a la Manera de Caracas‚ÄĚ, which is written by Don Armando Scannone (for his Facebook page click here). We (Venezuelans) have to be thankful that this fulfilled and renown Civil Engineer decided at the age of 60 (he just turned 93 last month) to publish a cookbook that has become a best-seller for the last 30 years and it is said it took him about 10 years to complete. Continue reading